First AI HRM System

We providing shortlist of automatically evaluated candidates on a vacancy within one minute and making employee and company assessment with machine learning algorithms

Morbax HR
Increase company profit with right people


We automate professionals search, preselection, communication process and evaluate candidates before the interview with HR – and we can be sure, that current future employee match to the company and existing personnel.



We transformation HR processes with machine learning

Quick & Easy

Add your resume to database or make demands to web search, and we will evaluate & find best candidates

AI selection & evaluation

With the addition of new summaries and vacancies, the neural network finds more and more interrelated patterns

personalized search

Platform evaluates employees in real time and takes into account company goals and objectives while selecting candidates


The result of the candidate evaluation for each company and position will be different


Based on the assessment, you hire, adapt, educate and motivate, and also monitor the personal development of each candidate

ubiquitous search

The service collects, structures and ranks the profile data and creates a report on the compliance of the candidate

If you want innovation, growth and culture - invest in people

Automated Company and Employees assessment

Company assessment: Morbax provides company real-time outlook on the current market, analyze the level of company corporate culture, strategy, vision and targets, employee’s satisfaction, salaries and value proposition for upcoming interviewers.

Employees assessment: Morbax manage workforce performance, tracking professionals skills, knowledge’s and abilities to be sure that existing employee is in on current place and helping the company to grow.

Extend the possibilities HR with AI

When evaluating candidates, we take into account their past experience, current achievements and future development forecast

87% 90% 89%
reduced the terms of hiring and selection of candidates reduction of costs in the selection and evaluation accuracy of the candidate’s compliance with a company vacancy

 Employee’s career development and HR branding

Employee’s career development: Morbax automatically provides digital career development plan for companies employee’s and for upcoming candidates, track learning process in real — time and provide a statistic to HR manager.

Company HR brand: Morbax define what the company would most like to be associated with as an employer; highlight the attributes that differentiate the organization from other employers, recognize company level on market and provide recommendations for its improvement.

Change the way you hire

Are you ready to learn how to move from traditional recruiting to intellectual hiring?