Human’s Profile Digitalization is a massive trend poised to become one of the most disruptive innovations in any kind of markets and data science since the beginning of the Information Revolution. First started to be used in marketing campaigns, human’s digitalization processes become more powerful with more data sources and predictive machine learning algorithms. Our team believes undoubtedly that human’s profile digitalization will disrupt some of the largest existing industries and build new ones in the near term. Looking forward, we expect that the Morbax Human’s Digital Profile platform will form the new efficient basis for human’s professional and self-development on a global scale, — which is finally a new level for the building of any kind of collaboration processes between people.

In order for a human’s profile digitization platform to become truly disruptive, it must be universal and draw from a global data pool. We are going to integrate with most popular parts of people’s life activity using a new generation of algorithms for data analysis.

Morbax HR mission is to automate human’s development process and make it fast, smooth and efficient. We strive to build a Human’s Digital Profile by processing data from most popular social spheres to finally adapt an around processes to each individual’s needs.