We are engaged in human digitizing. On the basis of scientific research published in open sources and our own experience, interviews and feedbacks from companies, HR’s experts, psychologists and sociologists, we have identified a huge number of patterns and relationships between them, what allow to tell about a person practically all information, based on data from the Internet, which analyze and recheck our algorithm.


  1. Firstly, our platform makes automated staff assessment of the company’s employees, so we get a digital picture of the staff (their psyche emotional state, level of motivation, aspiration, and readiness for development and training, skills and competencies, strengths and weaknesses, etc.) and recommend built in programs for development (IP)  
  2. further, based on the received data and public data about the company (mission, values, prospects for growth and development), we make up a portrait of the company for potential talents (IP).
  3. Thirdly, an automated process of creating a portrait of an «ideal» candidate for a particular industry/profession (IP)
  4. Next step is automated search and candidate pre-selection for an open vacancy on job portals and social and profile resources, rechecking their data in a resume (IP). The candidate is automatically compared with the company’s employees, the best employees of the department where he/she will work, with the ideal candidate for the industry and the company’s values.


Talents search process is very simple: HR manager downloads a vacancy to our portal in any convenient format (do not change it to a template, as many resources want) and presses the «Search» button. Within a minute, the system provides contacts to three candidates who will have the required skills and experience, their data will be re-checked, will correspond to the team, mission, values, and vision of the company and will easily begin work in the new team without time on adaptation and learning.


Candidates are automatically pre-selected according to the job requirements and to fully match to the company’s vision, targets and corporate culture with an additional development, learning and motivation program аnd all this is will be done in one minute thanks to AI and machine learning technologies.