What we do

Morbax HR bridges the trust between employee and employer by assessing company needs for a position with the right candidate by using machine learning to match soft and hard skills for that role.

We automate professionals search, pre-selection, communication process and evaluate candidates before an interview – and we can be sure, that current future employee match to the company and existing staff.


  • Automated Sourcing

Morbax instantly collects CV data from open sources, analyze and provide to recruiter shortlist of best match candidates to fill in an open position.

  • Candidate Evaluation

Morbax evaluates candidates before applying for the interview with recruiter to match with the current team, vision, corporate culture, targets and mission of the company.

  • Self-learning

Morbax creates successful individual recruitment patterns for each company and based on previous hires provide more accurate and verified employees for future hires.

  • Adaptation Experience

Morbax shortlists to recruiter best match candidates, decrease adaptation period for newcomers to a minimum and enroll new employee to work process faster.

Company & Employees assessment.

  • Company assessment

Morbax provides company real-time outlook on the current market, analyze the level of company corporate culture, strategy, vision and targets, employee’s satisfaction, salaries and value proposition for upcoming interviewers.

  • Employee’s assessment

Morbax manages workforce performance, tracking professionals skills, knowledge’s and abilities to be sure that existing employee is in on current place and helping a company to grow.

  • Employee’s career development

Morbax automatically provides digital career development plan for companies employee’s and for upcoming candidates, track learning process in real-time and provide a statistic to HR manager.

Employee brand

Morbax defines what the company would most like to be associated with as an employer; highlight the attributes that differentiate the organization from other employers, recognize company level on market and provide recommendations for its improvement.